Ways to Save Money When Hiring Removalists

Many people avoid moving whenever possible, primarily because it is a very stressful task. After years of accumulating furniture, toys, clothing, and household goods, it can take several days, if not weeks, to sort through everything and to decide what to keep, recycle, or donate. In addition, you have to find some way to move everything you’re taking to your new home without going broke.

Hire Professional Removalists

While it may be tempting to hire a van or truck and arrange for friends and family to help move everything from your old home to your new one, it will cost less to hire professionals for furniture removals in Melbourne. Professional removalists will have advanced equipment, like trolleys and hand trucks, to help move large, heavy pieces of furniture and boxes. Without this type of equipment, you and your friends may experience difficulties with removing heavy items and avoiding injuries.

In addition, furniture removalists will usually cover wood furniture with moving blankets so that it doesn’t get damaged while being transported. Without moving blankets, furniture can easily get damaged, especially if it is accidentally dropped or if it happens to scrape against a doorjamb. Also, removalists are fully insured, so that if something is damaged, you can make a claim and be reimbursed for the cost of repairing or replacing the item.

Do Your Own Packing

The easiest way to save money when you’re moving is to pack everything yourself. When you’re sorting through your clothing, household goods, books, and other items, you can simultaneously pack the boxes according to your preferences. Although you may be able to pick up boxes from your local grocery store, be careful about selecting them, as most old boxes will not hold up very well. However, you can reinforce some boxes by applying additional packing tape to help strengthen them.


When packing, don’t mix items from different rooms if you can help it. It will make unpacking easier on you if everything in a box goes into one room instead of several different rooms. Clearly mark the room that the box should end up in, so that the removalists will know where to put it in your new home and you won’t have to switch boxes between rooms.

Lighten the Load

Some removalists’ fees are based on the volume they move from your home, so the lighter the load, the cheaper your quote will be. If you haven’t used your dishes and kitchen appliances in quite some time, or if you haven’t read your old college books for several years, it may be time to part with these items. You can also lighten the load by sorting through paperwork and shredding bank statements, utility bills, and other unimportant documents that you’ve had for several years.

Before you hire any particular team of furniture removalists, you should call several different companies ahead of time. It is always best to compare and contrast different organisations based on their costs and the types of services provided. Make sure the removalists are qualified and that they are insured in case your property is damaged while they’re moving it. You may be able to save money by moving on a weekday rather than on a weekend (when most people tend to schedule removalists’ services). Hiring removalists can make a move less stressful and easier on you and your entire family.

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