Tips to Buy High Quality Furniture on a Budget

Durable, good quality furniture does not come cheap. If you’re shopping on a strict budget, you may feel like the good quality furniture is out of reach. However if you search widely, you will find some superb pieces well within your budget. Research widely; check out furniture shops, second-hand stores and even garage sales.

Differentiate the types of wood

There are 3 types of wood mainly used in furniture; solid, veneers and composite wood. Solid wood is the most durable and is often used in high traffic settings such as church seats. Veneers have a cheap wood base wrapped in layers of superior quality wood.

Composite wood is formulated from wood pulp, resin and plastic. They are the cheapest of the 3 and also make decent furniture although it may not last for decades. With this information, you can pick the one that suits your budget; knowing the kind of service you expect from the furniture.

Test Cabinets and Drawers

Do not rush to pick the furniture just because it looks great. Drawers, cabinets and handles often malfunction, and you may find yourself having to part with more money for repairs. Ensure that the drawers open and close smoothly and evenly. The cabinet doors should open without hitches and close just as well.

In addition, door should remain ajar without snapping closed as this will pester you when arranging the cabinet. The knobs and handles should be firm without any jiggle.

Check the Legs

For all the weight they’ll hold over the years, the legs need to be sturdy. Pick those with heavy legs that are jointed onto the frame, not nailed. Beware of metal or plastic legs as they can scratch and damage your floor. There are also sofas with a fifth leg at the middle for extra support.

 Mind the Color

Brightly colored furniture might excite you at first; but soon gets monotonous and you yearn for a new look. For the major furniture, go for mild colors. You can always add color with bright throw pillows. You can then have them for long without feeling the need to buy new ones.

Timing matters

Furniture pieces fluctuate at different times of the year. In most cases, the end of the year offers the best deals. Furniture stores want to push their stock during Christmas so they can bring new ones at the beginning of the year. This leads to massive discounts that you can take advantage of.

Used Furniture

Do not ignore secondhand furniture stores. Some of the furniture here is in near perfect condition. The previous owners probably sold them off due to space constraints or simply needed a change. Should there be any repairs needed, the furniture shop handles that.  You will end up with high quality pieces that would have otherwise been out of reach.

Your choice of furniture can make or break your interior décor. These tips should help you pick great furniture without breaking the bank.

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