Give Your Customers The Best With Aluminium Shopfronts

The first thing your customers see when they come to your shop is the shopfront. Right then and there is when you need to hook them, to invite them in. You have to give them something. And there is nothing that gives to both you and your customers like an aluminium shopfront.

Make a striking first impression

First impressions can make all the difference in business, so you want your shopfront to be welcoming and impressive. But you also want it to attract your customers’ eyes to certain parts of your shop, like certain items and/or special offers.

With an aluminium shopfront you can make use of a wide range of colours which suit your business. Everything from the shine of natural metal for a high-tech gadget store to the grainy browns of luxurious wood for coffee shops, you can take your pick. Highlight your selling points.

Also, you can make use of variations in the thickness of your stiles/frames. Use thinner stiles to open up more window space and reveal more, or use a thicker type to emphasise security. The customers will build up an idea of your business based on these factors, so you need to show them what they want to see.

Thermal breaks

Nobody likes being too hot or too cold. Thankfully, aluminium window suppliers can provide you with shopfronts that incorporate thermal breaks. These specially designed ‘breaks’ compliment the metal’s natural insulation to keep temperatures regulated and comfortable.


You want to provide your customers with safety, and the layered glass used in quality aluminium storefronts is perfect for this. Because of the adhesives used between the glass layers, your customers are protected against any shatter risks if the glass is damaged, as it won’t shatter into sharp and dangerous shards.

Another handy feature of this layered glass is that the more layers you add, the stronger it gets. If you add enough layers it can even become bulletproof.

Contact a professional aluminium window supplier to see just how much your shopfront can really offer your customers.

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