A Beginner’s Guide to Steaming and Reheating in Rice Cooker

Owning an appliance and utilising it efficiently are two different aspects. Buying an appliance is easy – you can either order it online or purchase it from a brick and mortar store. But, when it comes to utilising an appliance to the full potential, it is a different game altogether. Most of the people just utilise a small percentage of the total potential any appliance has.

Here’s a beginner’s guide that will give all information related to steaming and reheating food in a rice cooker.

Reheating Rice

We all know that rice cooker is meant to cook rice. Often there may be some leftover food, which you normally keep in the fridge. The next day when you want to consume it, it will be cold and will feel a bit hard. You can actually use your rice cooker to reheat this and it will be as good as freshly prepared.

You can keep the rice bowl out of the fridge until it reaches room temperature. When you prepare fresh rice, you can place this bowl over the freshly cooked rice to reheat it. If you have no plans to make fresh rice, then just sprinkle a spoon of water over it and place this rice in the rice cooker and leave it in ‘warm’ mode for few minutes.

Steaming Vegetables

Steaming vegetables is done very efficiently in a rice cooker and that too in very less time. This is because water boils faster in rice cooker when compared to a pot, which makes the steaming process quicker.

To start the steaming process, first fill the rice cooker with the appropriate amount of water. You can find what the appropriate quantity is from the appliance manual. Now place the steam basket inside. Place all the vegetables that you intend to steam in it. Add seasonings as per your preference. For instance, if you are on a diet, you may want to to add only salt and pepper or else you can add ingredients like teriyaki sauce.

Now close the lid and press the ‘Steamed Vegetables’ pre-programmed setting. Sit and relax as the vegetables get cooked perfectly. If you want the vegetables to be half-cooked or softer than usual, then you will have to check and adjust timing accordingly.

You can use rice cookers for cooking other dishes too like dalia, khichdi and even soups. You can easily reheat all these delicacies as well using the rice cooker. It’s quite a versatile appliance if you utilise it to its fullest potential. Most of us just restrict ourselves to cooking rice in the rice cooker. The appliance designers often try to make any appliance multipurpose to make it worth the cost. You will often find that it will be serving one main purpose and then can be put to use in many other ways as well.

All we need to do is to get a bit creative or rather find out different ways in which it can be used and utilise it in all the ways that it is designed for.

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